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[edit] How to Contribute to Indipedia

  • Drugpedia allows readers to read any page on Drugpedia. You may search topic of your interest in left sidebar menu or click on "all pages" for browsing all pages.
  • Only registered users can edit the content of Drugpedia. If you wish to contribute and you are using Drugpedia then click on log in / create account (top right corner] and create your account.
  • Drugpedia will send account information by email, you need to verify the account creation.
  • Please login to Drugpedia in order to contribute (see to right corner), search a topic. If this topic is already their then you may edit this topic by clicking "edit" on top of the page.
  • Incase it is new topic then it will show no "no page text matches". If you wish to add this topic then click on topic just below Search results (You searched for Topic)