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Suggestion for Developing a Computational intelligence tool box for pattern discovery in bio-informatics applications

Since the start of Internet era lots information are available related to scientific research but Most of the data is highly scattered & irrelevant even the validity of the information is many time questionable.

Under the OSDD program we should develop a information classifier module for the software that will classify the information available in the web or as supplied by the user into relevant groups and sub-groups with emphasize on validated information. This should be performed using this state of the art classifier algorithm.

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in bioinformatics:-

Here we should be addressing the problems during the data mining of biological data. To access, specific and accurate data by using artificial intelligence technology and other machine learning approaches.

Develop a Artificial intelligence technology method for this new way and approach to solve problems in bioinformatics, life sciences arena which is easy way where already we are using computer science in bioinformatics.

Raja Seevan