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One thing that's great about games is that there's always a story behind it, and that story forms the background of the whole game. , With that, the game becomes more interesting, and the game becomes more enticing, if not addicting, to play. , Especially with the best strategy games, there's always a story that grips you and make you want to play more. , Online games are no different; they also use a story, whether it's for fun shooting games or for computer games adventure. , The story becomes the framework on which the whole game hangs on, and that is a very interesting feature of online games.

Whether you're playing free strategy games, free shooting games, or sport games, these games tell a story, and you , the gamer or player, has a part in that story. That means there is an element of role play involved, and that story usually piques the imagination of the player, and thus make it more fun to play. Especially with the mission mode of free online arcade games, there is an element of storytelling involved. And even if the story is not that elaborate, a game's story still makes the game all the more playable, and more appealing to the players, especially the kids.

So what that does this mean? It means that games have lots of room for imagination. One can say that one is also like reading a book when one is playing online games. Aside from that, the imagination is captured by these games, and engenders a mood to be creative and dreamy. Though whether that may have any practical benefits may still be argued, the story itself presents a good escape from reality. A great diversion from the hustle and bustle of daily life. That can be a great thing if one is tired, though it could also be a disadvantage if one has tasks to do. But in a sense, these stories present a great form of entertainment, and combine it with game play, playing online games are one of the most fun things that people can do on the web.

So whether you're a sports star when you play sports games online, or a commander defending his castle in a strategy game, these stories add more fun and even a suspension of disbelief in these games. These stories make the games all the more fun and engaging to play.