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Indipedia: A wikipedia for India

  • Indipedia is a wikipedia created for collecting and compiling information related to India.
  • The aim of Indipedia is to provide comprehensive information about India created for Indians by Indians.
  • Indipedia is developed under the umbrella of Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) project.

Virtual Summer Trainees

Students often find it difficult to get placements for training (short/long/summer training), which is mandatory requirement for getting a degree. The Indipedia provide opportunity for students to take small projects related to information collection and compilation. We may issue a certificate for students who contribute significantly to Indipedia (at least 10 important articles).

Experience certificates

While on one hand we bewail the "lack of manpower", it is an unpalatable fact that many educated youngsters do not have appropriate jobs. There is obviously a gap between what the employers require and the level of knowledge or expertise the youth have. Unemployed youths who need experience certificate are requested to contribute generously to Indipedia. We will issue a certificate for those who contribute significantly to Indipedia (at least 10 important articles).

Virtual Jobs

We are working on concept of virtual job where employee can contribute from their home (for example women’s). We will prefer to hire those who have contributed maximum information to Indipedia.


All faculty members are requested to encourage students to contribute to Indipedia. You may give assignment to students for contributing articles to Indipedia.


Indipedia uses popular software MediaWiki which maintain history of articles added/edited by users. It means all your contribution will be recorded so that you may get full credit of your contribution.

Contact Information

This site is maintained by Dr GPS Raghava's group at Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, india. Contact side administrator.

Drugpedia: A wikipedia for Drug Discovery

If you are student or working in bioinformatics, cheminformatics, clinical informatics, pharmacoinformatics or any drug related field then you are requested to contribute to Drugpedia.