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Reference: Nagpal et. al., (2017) Computer-aided designing of immunosuppressive peptides based on IL-10 inducing potential. Scientific Reports 7,42851.

In past number of methods have been developed to predict antigenic regions for designing subunit vaccines. Stimulation of T-helper cells is crucial for desiging immunotherapy or vaccine. Number of in silico methods have been developed for predicting MHC Class II binders, in last decade, in order to identify T-helper epitope that may simulate T-helper cells. It is important to understand that all MHC II binders do not induce same type of cytokines. In this study attempt have been made to devlop prediction method that can predict Interleukine-10 (IL-10) inducing MHC II binders. This web server is designed for users working in the field of subunit vaccine. Based on our study a web server has been developed that allows users to design, discover and mapping of peptides that may induce IL-10.