If you are using this server, please cite "Ramaprasad et. al. (2015) AntiAngioPred: A Server for Prediction of Anti-Angiogenic Peptides. PLoS One, 10, e0136990 DOI: (10.1371/journal.pone.0136990)

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The process of growth of new capillary blood vessels is used for healing and reproduction, which is known as angiogenesis. It occurs for healing wounds and for restoring blood flow to tissues after injury. The angiogenesis is controlled by producing inhibitory factors. The balance between pro-angiogenic molecules and anti-angiogenic molecules are hypothesized to regulate by an ‘on’ and the ‘off’, switch respectively. Angiogenesis-stimulating growth factors are “on switches” and the "off switches" are known as angiogenesis inhibitors. Recent studies have identified several endogenous anti-angiogenic peptides identified from various biological sources which regulate angiogenesis and tumor growth.

There are several peptides derived from various proteins that inhibit Angiogenesis. The discovery of new anti-angiogenic peptide inhibitors would contribute to the development of therapeutic treatments for these diseases. The search for anti-angiogenic agents for the treatment of cancer is particularly prominent. This user-friendly web server is to help the experimental biologist to predict the anti-angiogenic peptides.