Reference: Kumar, R. and Raghava, G.P. (2016) ApoCanD: Database of human apoptotic proteins in the context of cancer. Scientific Reports 6, 20797

Apoptosis is a crucial cellular process, which determines the ultimate cell fate and has its own significance both in normal and diseased condition. Cancer understands the significance of apoptosis process very well and modifies it to ameliorate its survival. Apoptosis process is inhibited in cancer cells, so that it can prolong its life without any regulatory check. To keep in mind the importance of this process, we have dedicated this database called "ApoCanD" for the better understanding of role of apoptosis process in cancer. This database contains 82 proteins involved in various stages of apoptosis. Here, we included mutation status, expression level and copy number variation of these proteins across the thousands of cancer cell lines and tumour samples. Along with this crucial genomic information, this database also contains gene essentiality data. From sequence point of view, this database imparts with the sequence alignments of these proteins with mutated sequences and their homologus proteins. Structures were predicted for those proteins, whose structures are not available in protein databank (PDB). In structural information, this database also provides the PFAM and Superfamily domains present in these proteins. This database contains the crucial information and help users to understand the apoptosis process from cancer point of view.