Welocome to Canceres

Cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells that if left untreated can ultimately causes death. The word cancer came from the Greek word for crab, karkinos. The early Greek physicians who first described cancerous tumors had no notion of their cause or true nature, but they were struck by the resemblance if some invasive tumors to crabs: a hard mass with a claw like extensions and an aggressive nature. Cancer causes about 550,000 deaths a year. Although many people believe that cancer is one disease, there are actually in fact over a 100 different forms of cancer. Some cancers can be cured, but not all of them have treatment. Even though each type has its own characteristics, all cancers share one common characteristic, and that is the abnormal cell growth. These abnormal cells form tumors that invade normal tissues and disrupt body functions. Tumors are cancerous when they spread to other parts of the body. These types are called malignant, while tumors that do not have the potential to spread are called benign.

Main Features of the Canceres are :
(1) Databases:Databases available till now related to different types of cancers.
(2) Genomics:Genomics paradigm of cancer studies.
(3) Bioinformatics:Stake of bioinformatics in fight against cancer.
(4) Market status:Where we have reached, what we have achieved till now, challenges ahead !!