Computation of size of DNA and Protein Fragments from Their Electrophoretic Mobility

This web-server allow to compute the length of DNA or protein fragments from its electropheric mobility using a graphical method. It is based on computer program DNASIZE (Raghava, G. P. S (1994) Improved estimation of DNA fragment length from gel electrophoresis using a graphical method. Biotechniques 17, 100.). DNASIZE is a DOS program, freely available from various souces like Raghava's Home page; EBI server; BioTechNet. This web server is partial impelimentation of DNASIZE, idea is to provide on line service on Internet. How to use this web-server is describe in help file.
Raghava, G. P. S. (2001) A web server for computing size of DNA/Protein fragment using graphical method. Biotech Software and Internet Report 2:198-200..
Size and Migration distance of DNA/Protein Marker
Migration Distance Size of Fragments

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