GDPbio: Genome based prediction of Diseases and Personal medicines using Bioinformatics

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GDPbio is the project focussed upon providing various resources related to genome analysis particularly for the prediction of disease susceptiblity of a particular individual and personalized medicines development, aiming public health improvement. Today everybody is familiar with the effectivity and safety concerns related with drugs. We have a lots of drugs availabe in the market, most of them have been developed upon the basis of one size fits to all. Physicians prescribe drugs upon the trial and error basis due to which patients have to face adverse drug effects as all the drugs they are not suitable for all the individuals due to the genetic variability among individuals.

Personalized medicines as the name indicates person specific medicines developed for a particular sub-group of individuals, showing most effectiveness for that particular sub-group without any side effects. We all aware about genome sequencing techniques has become so much faster than ever before the most popular ones 454, Illumina's Solexa sequencing techniques. They have opened all the doors for personalized medicine development and many other opportunities such as disease susceptiblity prediction, characterization of genetic mutations responsible for diseased state, diagnosis in the earlier stages of a disease. Imagine your genome has been sequenced, then we will try to guide what to do next with that so much valuable information, lots of opportunities are there, we will be able to tell how many chances are there for a prtcular individual to get suffered from heart diseases; become diabeteic; become cancerous and many more questions are there that can be answered with the help of computational tools provided at this platform.