GenotrickA pipeline for whole genome assembly and annotation of Genomes



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Whole genome annotation

This module of Genotrick pipeline is designed to annotae whole genome of an organism from contigs (i.e. genomic fragments) or complete chromosomes.Whole genome annotation is performed with the help of PROKKA software, developed at VBC. User should provide assembled genome in form of contigs or whole chromosome. Annotated genome output is provided in different file formats. For more information, please clickHERE

To demostrate the server, please use the example input files.

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      Example input file
Following is the input contig file (Example input).
Contig file
Example output Files
This is the contigs file generated after the assembly of input reads (i.e. paired end fastq reads) by this server at hash length 71 and coverage 60.Contigs generated

Note: Large amount of data processsing may be difficult at this server. User are advised to use standalone version for large data.