GSTpred: A server for the prediction of GST protein


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About GSTPred

GSTpred is a web-server specially trained for the Glutathione S-transferase protein.The prediction is based on the basis of amino acid composition, dipeptide composition, tripeptide composition by using support vector machines(SVM).The prediction result will be displayed on web browser in tabular form with score.

Our model predict GSTs proteins with very high accuracy. During our study we may achieved accuracy 91.59% for peptide composition, 95.79% for dipeptide compostion and 97.66% for tripeptide composition model.

We developed user friendly webserver where user can submit there sequence (directly paste sequence in box or upload sequence file) and select the option for simple composition, dipeptide composition, tripepttide composition and threshold. After some time result will dispalyed on the terminal in a tabular fom with name and score of each sequence.

We also provide suplementary dataset and standalone version of GSTPred sotware without any charge. User can download this standalone software and our data set on local system.

Please cite following paper if you are using this server

Mishra, N., Kumar, M. and Raghava, G. P. S. (2007) Support vector machine based method for predicting Glutathione S-transferases proteins. Protein Pept Lett. (In Press)

Bioinformatics Center, Institute Of Microbial Technology,Chandigarh,India