HLP: A webserver for predicting half-life of peptides in intestine like environment
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Predict peptide half-life and antibacterial activity in batch mode.
Simultaneously, a number of peptides can be submitted to predict their half-life and antibacterial activity.

Submit Multiple Peptides

This module allows user to submit multiple peptides at a time. Server predict half-life, physicochemical properties of each peptide. User may select best peptide having desired properties which can be submitted for designing mutants of selected peptide. Each peptide length should be between 5 to 30 residues, in case of 10mer model minimum length of peptide should be 10 residues, and in case of 16mer model minimum length of peptide should be 16 residues.

Submit Peptide Sequences

    OR upload file containg sequence of peptides in FASTA format:

      Choose model: (See help for model selection)
 SVM based:
   10mer (Uses dipeptide composition)
   16mer (Uses amino acid composition)
   User-selected sequence length   
WEKA based:
   10mer (IBK, selected 8 dipeptides)
   16mer (Decision table, selected 3 dipeptides)
   User-selected sequence length   
      Select Peptide Length [for user-selected option]:

      Result Display Mode:  Interactive  Non-interactive       


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