MAFFT: A Program for Multiple Sequence Alignment

This is a web interface for MAFFT which is a fast and highly accurate method for multiple sequence alignment. Please cite MAFFT paper: Katoh,K., Misawa,K., Kuma,K., and Miyata,T. (2002) MAFFT: a novel method for rapid multiple sequence alignment based on fast Fourier transform. Nucleic Acid Res., 30:3059-3066 if you are using this server. MAFFT Package is freely available at . If you have any technical question on MAFFT program then contact Kazutaka Katoh. If you want reprint etc. contact corresponding author Prof. T. Miyata.

The web interface was developed by Dr G P S Raghava .
Max Number of Sequences: 50     Maximum Total Length of Sequences: 20000

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