MHCBN consists of ~25860 MHC binding and non-binding peptides and ~1052.5 peptides interacting with TAP. The database is cross-linked to NCBI, Swiss-Prot, PDB, OMIM and GenBank.

The MHCBN is a curated database consisting of detailed information about Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Binding,Non-binding peptides and T-cell epitopes.The version 4.0 of database provides information about peptides interacting with TAP and MHC linked autoimmune diseases. This database is Developed by Dr Raghava's Group, at Bioinformatics Centre, Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, INDIA.

What MHCBN can do for you
Resources The database provides information about allele specific MHC binding peptides, MHC non-binding, TAP binding, TAP non-binding peptides and T-cell epitopes reported in literature
Hypertext Links
Antigenic Protein Source or Antigenic proteins are linked to SWISS-PROT database
MHC Sequence MHC Allele sequence are hyperlinked to IMGT/HLA-DB
3D-Structure The hypertext link has been made to Protein Databank(PDB) if any identical/related peptide/MHC protein is available in PDB.
Diseases The MHC linked diseases has been hyperlinked to OMIM.
References For full information references are linked to PubMed
 Web Tools
Query Searching The web server has tools(General query &Peptide search) to extract all information from the fields of database.
TAP Search The tool has been designed for seaching the part of sequence intearcting with TAP.
Peptide Mapping  This option allows mapping of binders, non-binder and T-cell epitope in query protein
Dataset Creation This allows Creation of Allele specific peptide datasets useful for developing prediction methods
Similarity Search This option allows BLAST search of query protein sequence against antigenic and MHC proteins in database

The Database can be accessed from

If you are using this server please cite

Lata S, Bhasin M, Raghava GP. MHCBN 4.0: A database of MHC/TAP binding peptides and T-cell epitopes. BMC Res Notes. 2009 2:61.

Bhasin M, Singh H, Raghava GP. MHCBN: a comprehensive database of MHC binding and non-binding peptides. Bioinformatics. 2003 19(5):665-6

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