Epitopes from Single antigens

This page displays the number of epitopes pertaining to a single antigen (Gene ID) with selected filters.

Number of ifn assays for antigen accession number 339630277 from the mycobacterial M_africanum_GM041182 strain

ID Peptide Position B cell epitope MHC I alleles MHC I alleles (number) HLA I alleles HLA I alleles (number) MHC II alleles MHC II alleles (number) IFN inducers IL4 inducers
VIR002666IDLSHIDAD9No0 0YesYes
VIR002667DLSHIDADA10NoHLA-B621 0YesYes
VIR002668LSHIDADAR11NoHLA-A20 Cattle,HLA-A*3302,HLA-A68.13 0YesYes
VIR002669SHIDADARP12No0 0YesYes
VIR002670HIDADARPQ13No0 0YesYes
VIR002671IDADARPQD14No0 0YesYes
VIR002672DADARPQDD15Yes0 0YesNo
VIR002673ADARPQDDL16NoHLA-B*3701,HLA-B40,HLA-B*4403,HLA-B60,HLA-B615 0YesYes
VIR002674DARPQDDLF17NoHLA-B*3501,HLA-B*4403,HLA-B*5801,HLA-B62,HLA-B85 0YesNo