Epitopes from Single antigens

This page displays the number of epitopes pertaining to a single antigen (Gene ID) with selected filters.

Number of lbtope assays for antigen accession number 148663739 from the mycobacterial Mtb_H37Ra strain

ID Peptide Position B cell epitope MHC I alleles MHC I alleles (number) HLA I alleles HLA I alleles (number) MHC II alleles MHC II alleles (number) IFN inducers IL4 inducers
SEC123537VPAGADEVS39YesHLA-B*3501,HLA-B*51,HLA-B*5101,MHC-Ld4 0YesYes
SEC123538PAGADEVSA40Yes0 0YesYes
SEC123569QLHRAGEAV71YesHLA-A*0201,HLA-A2,HLA-A2.1,HLA-B*0702,HLA-B625 0YesNo