Epitopes from Single antigens

This page displays the number of epitopes pertaining to a single antigen (Gene ID) with selected filters.

Number of ifn assays for antigen accession number 15611003 from the mycobacterial Mtb_H37Rv strain

ID Peptide Position B cell epitope MHC I alleles MHC I alleles (number) HLA I alleles HLA I alleles (number) MHC II alleles MHC II alleles (number) IFN inducers IL4 inducers
VIR914397VDPPGNDDD2Yes0 0YesYes
VIR914398DPPGNDDDH3Yes0 0YesYes
VIR914399PPGNDDDHG4No0 0YesYes
VIR914400PGNDDDHGD5Yes0 0YesYes
VIR914401GNDDDHGDL6YesHLA-B*3801,HLA-B*3901,HLA-B*3902,HLA-B60,HLA-Cw*04015 0YesYes
VIR914403DDDHGDLDA8YesHLA-B*3701,HLA-B40,HLA-B*4403,HLA-B61,MHC-Kk5 0YesYes
VIR914412LDFSAAHTN17NoHLA-B*37011 0YesYes
VIR914413DFSAAHTNE18No0 0YesYes
VIR914414FSAAHTNEA19NoHLA-B*51,HLA-B*5301,HLA-B*5401,HLA-B*58014DRB1_0401,DRB1_0405,DRB1_0408,DRB1_0426 4YesYes