Epitopes from Single antigens

This page displays the number of epitopes pertaining to a single antigen (Gene ID) with selected filters.

Number of Positive mhc assays for antigen accession number 333991878 from the mycobacterial Mycobacterium_sp_JDM601 strain

Assay ID Sequence MHC Alleles Source Organism
1069609ANEAETTTASGLVIPDHLA-DR17Mycobacterium tuberculosis
1069610ASGLVIPDTAKEKPQEHLA-DR17Mycobacterium tuberculosis
203662EGTVVAVGPGRWDEDHLA-DRB5*01:01Mycobacterium leprae
203705KPQEGTVVAVGPGRWHLA-DRB1*15:01Mycobacterium leprae
1069553LEDKILVQANEAETTTHLA-DR1Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Assay ID Linear Sequence MHC Alleles Source Organism