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JC Bose National Fellowship

Dr. G. P. S. Raghava has been selected for J.C. Bose National Fellowship for the year 2010, constituted by Department of Science and Technology.

The J C Bose Fellowship was instituted to give a boost to scientific research in the country on August 5, 2005. The Prime Minister, in his speech made on the occasion of the S.S, Bhatnagar Awards function held on 25th September 2005, had stated that the three Awards announced recently, viz., Ramanujam Fellowship, J.C. Bose Fellowship and also Fellowships for Scientists and Technologists of Indian Origin, are part of the Government's effort to create exciting career opportunities for Scientists to retain their talent at home.

The fellowship, constituted by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, recognizes active, performing scientists and engineers in the country, for their outstanding performance and contributions, below the age of 60 years. The fellowship is meant to recognize active scientists and engineers for their outstanding performance and contributions. The fellowships are scientist-specific and very selective. The J C Bose Fellows are provided a fellowship of Rs 25,000 per month in addition to their regular income. A contingency of Rs 10 lakh per annum is provided towards conference participation and other expenses. The fellowship is for a term of five years initially.
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