PlifePred is an in-silico method developed to design and predict the half-life of modified as well as natural peptides in blood.

Sequence-based Modules (for Natural Peptides) include:

(1) Analog Generation-
This module generates all possible single mutant analogs and predicts their half-life and physiochemical properties. This way user may design and select the best stable mutant peptide.

(2) Batch Submission- This module allows users to predict the half-life of peptides submitted in bulk as query.

(3) Protein Scan - This module generates overlapping peptides of the query protein sequence and predicts half-life and physiochemical properties of each overlapping peptide. User can select the best peptide/segment with desired features.

Structure-based Modules (for Natural & Modified Peptides) include:

(1) Draw- This modules enables users to draw their query peptide structure with or without chemical modifications and predict its half-life.It provides the users the option to design a stable peptide with desired structure and modifications.

(2) File- This module allows users to submit their query peptide in pdb format and predict its half-life in blood.