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Peptide Submission Form
(Designing of Tumor Homing Peptides)

This module of TumorHPD allows user to design tumor homing peptides. This module generates all possible mutations in a query peptide submitted by the user. All possible mutants are generated (through amino acid substitution at single position at a time) to get the optimized tumor homing peptide . It predicts whether peptide and mutants of peptide are tumor homing peptides. User can select the physicochemical properties (such as hydrophobicity, charge, hydrophilicity etc.) to be displayed.

Paste peptide sequence (amino acids single leter code) :    

Select model: NTCT5   NTCT10   Whole peptide   NTCT5 Up to 10 residues     
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Physicochemical property:
Hydrophobicity    Steric hinderance    Side bulk   Hydropathicity    Amphipathicity    Hydrophilicity   
Net Hydrogen    Charge pI    Molecular weight Secondary Structure* All


*If you check Secondary Structure, please have patience, predicting the secondary structure will take more time.

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