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If you are using this webserver, please cite: Panwar B, Gupta S and Raghava GP. Prediction of vitamin interacting residues in a vitamin binding protein using evolutionary information. BMC Bioinformatics 2013, 14:44

VitaPred is a SVM (Support Vector Machines) based prediction method for the vitamin-interacting residues in protein sequences. Vitamins play vital role in the cell and involves in the various enzymatic reaction and functions as a cofactor. VitaPred predicts that which amino acid residues in the protein sequence will interact with the vitamins. An example of protein-vitamin binding given in the following diagram, where pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP, red color) interacts with specific residues (yellow color) of a protein (cyan color).

VitaPred contains four different SVM-based prediction modules, which were developed using evolutionary (PSSM) and Binary information. There was need to develop different prediciton modules for vitamins and their sub-types because their protein binding patterns are different from each other. These difference are present in the following Two Sample Logos (TSL) of four different sub-type of vitamins.

(i) TSL of vitamin-interacting residues (VIRs)

(ii) TSL of vitamin A interacting residues (VAIRs)

(iii) TSL of vitamin B interacting residues (VBIRs)

(iv) TSL of vitamin B(6)-derived pyridoxal 5'-phosphate interacting residues (PLPIRs)

Datasets: We have provided all the datasets, which were used in the development and evaluation of VitaPred, please download datasets from here: VitaPred datasets