********* OSDDlinux for Standalone, Galaxy & Local version******** If you are using this prediction server, please cite Tyagi A . et. al. (2013),In Silico Models for Designing and Discovering Novel Anticancer Peptides, Scientific Reports, 3 (10.1038/srep02984). ********
Welcome to AntiCP
AntiCP is web based prediction server for Anticancer peptides. SVM models developed are based on amino acid composition and binary profile features. Positive dataset consists of 225 antimicrobial peptides with anticancer properties. This server is extremely useful for the researchers working in the field of Anticancer peptides. This server allows the users to design ACPs and their mutants with different physicochemical properties.

Major Features include:

(1) Peptide Design: This module allows the users to generate all possible single mutant analogs of their peptides and predict whether the analogs are having anti cancer property or not.

(2) Virtual Screening: This module of AntiCP allows the user to predict anti cancer property in bulk deposited query peptides.

(3) Protein Scan: This module generates all possible overlapping peptides and their single mutant analogs of protein submitted by the user. It also predicts whether overlapping peptide/analog is ACP or not.

(4) Motif Scan: Allows user to identify motifs related to anti cancer property in their sequences.