A database of hormones and their receptors
Contact Address

Group Leader

Dr. G. P. S. Raghava, Head Bioinformatics Center
Institute of Microbial Technology
Sector 39A, Chandigarh, INDIA
Phone: +91-172-2690557
Fax: +91-172-2690585;+91-172-2690632
e-mail: raghava@imtech.res.in
Web: http://www.imtech.res.in/raghava/

Team Members

Mamoon Rasid
Senior Research Fellow
e-mail: mamoon@imtech.res.in

Deepak Singla
Project Assistant
e-mail: deep_kumar@imtech.res.in

Arun Sharma
Project Assistant
e-mail: arunsharma@imtech.res.in

Manish Kumar
Senior Research Fellow
e-mail: manish@imtech.res.in