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Interactome Pathway Annotation




The unique identifier for a given gene (Rv ID and NCBI Gene ID)

Gene Name

Assigned name of the gene


Biological role of the gene

Gene function

The biological function of the gene

Interacting Partners

All the interacting partners for a given gene

Type of Interaction

Type of interaction as detailed in Module A

Nature of Interaction

This field contains nature of interaction, such as structural complex, regulatory, signaling etc.

Method of Inferring Interaction

Contains information about the experimental or computational methods used for the inference of interacting partners

Type of Evidence

Type of evidence, adopted from Gene Ontology (IDA, IPI, ISO, ISS, TAS, etc)

PUBMED/Link of source

Pubmed ID or any web based link from where the interaction and other annotation details were inferred

Email of author

E-mail address of curator

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