Biological Databases

MHCBN: A curated database of MHC-binding, Non-binding peptides and T-cell epitopes.

Bcipep: A database of B-cell epitopes.

HaptenDB: A database of hapten molecules that can not activate immune system.

PolysacDB: Compilation of antigenic polysaccharides found on surface of microbial organism.

TumorHope: A database of experimentally characterized tumor homing peptides.

AntigenDB: Information about a wide range of experimentally-validated antigens.

OXDBase: Compilation of oxygenases involved in the biodegradation on xenobiotic compounds.

HMRBase: A manually curated database of hormones and their Receptors.

CPPsite: Compilation of experimentally validated Cell Penetrating Peptides (10-40 amino acids).

BIAdb: Information about Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloid molecules

HIVsir: A manually curated database of anti-HIV siRNAs.

CCDB: Catalog of genes involved in the different stages of cervical carcinogenesis.

ProGlycProt: Repository of experimentally characterized eubacterial and archaeal glycoproteins.

NPACT: A database of plant derived natural compounds that exhibit anti-cancerous activity.

CancerDR: Compilation of anticancer drugs and their effectiveness against various cancer cell lines.

ccPDB: Compilation and creation of datasets from PDB for structural/functional annoation of proteins.

ParaPep: HIPdb is a manually curated database of experimentally validated antiparasite peptides.

EGFRindb: Collection of EGFR inhibitors from literature.

CancerPPD: Collection and compilation of experimentally validated anticancer peptides

PCMdb: Pancreatic cancer methylation database provides large scale collection of metylated genes.

HerceptinR: Information about assays performend to test sensitivity/resistance of Herceptin Antibody.

HemolytiK: A resource of experimentally tested hemolytic peptides.

CancerTope: A database of epitopes found in protein involved in cancer.

AHTPDB: AHTPDB is an ideal platform for complete & relevant information for large number of antihypertensive peptides.

PEPlife: PEPlife is a manually curated database of experimentally validated therapeutic peptides and their halflives.

ApoCanD: A database of human apoptotic proteins in context with cancer.

Collection of URLs for Important Resources

ABsource: Antibody related resources

BioTherapi: Bioinformatics for Therapeutic Peptides and Proteins

CanceRES: Cancer Informatics Portal

CRDD: Computational Resources for Drug Disovery

CRIP: Computational Resources for molecular Interaction Prediction

Drug: Drug Informatics @ Raghava's Group

GDPbio: Genome based prediction of Diseases and Personal Medicine

GenomeSRS: Genome Sort Read Sequences (SRS) related resources

HIVbio: HIV related bioinformatics resources