Major Research Projects

  • Bioinformatics Centre on Protein Modelling/Engineering (Coordinator: G. P. S. Raghava) :
  • This is a continious project of Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, to provide bioinformatics services at national lavel. The Bioinformatics Center at Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh was established in 1987 with specialization in the area of Protein Modeling and Protein Engineering. This is one of the core facilities in the field of biotechnology providing access to the latest information of the worlds databases in the fields of Protein Modeling and Protein Engineering. This BIC at IMTECH is one of its kinds in India equipped with advance resources and serving the academic community particularly, in northern India. One of the unique features of this centre is its research activity in the field of Bioinformatics.

  • Genomics and Informatics Solutions for integrating Biology(GENESIS)

    This is a mega network project of CSIR under 12th five year plan (2012-2017) where Raghava is nodal officer. In this project 15 CSIR labs and nearly 55 scientist are participating. GENESIS is an interdisciplinary project which aims to integrate computational scientists and biologists across CSIR to understand complex biological problems, mathematically model biological systems, compile and mine experimental data, discover drug/vaccine candidates and finally support translation of leads to medicine. Following site may provide more information about this project GENESIS

  • Integrative approach for designing biomolecules for cancer therapy

    This is a internal RC project where Raghava is PI (2012-17). Following are major objective of this projects; i) In-silico biology for identification of multiple cancer targets, ii) Designing of effective anti-cancer peptides, iii) RNA interference (RNAi)-based therapy for cancer, iv) Designing of epitope-based cancer vaccine & immunotherapy and v) Understanding limitation and optimization of In silico approaches.

  • Application of bioinformatics in System Biology

    This project is supported by Department of Science and Technology, it is part of J.C. Bose fellowship (2010-2015). Aim of this project is to understand biological interactions particularly interaction network of proteins. Overall object of this project is to develop tools for predicting various types of molecular interactions in biosystem. Following are major objectives; i) prediction of protein-protein interaction, ii) understanding protein-peptide interactions, iii) mapping DNA interacting residues in proteins, iv) protein interacting nucleotides in nucleotide sequences and v) small-molecules interacting protein residues. See Molecular Interactions for detail.

  • Advanced Centre for Protein Informatics, Science, Engineering & Technology

    This is a facility creation project of CSIR, coordinated by CSIR-IMTECH (Nodal Officer: G P S Raghava) under 11th five year plan (2007-11). The proposal is to set up a one-stop centre for expertise, consultancy, and facilities, in the area of protein science and engineering, and protein biotechnology. This project has been completed successfully with world class infrastructure for Protein Informatics, Science, Engineering & Technology. See photo of protein center.

  • Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of azadirachtin biosyntehsis pathway

    This is a mega project of CSIR under 11th five year plan (2007-12), coordinated by CSIR-IICB (Nodal Officer: Prof Roy). Raghava's group is participating in this project in order to develop tools for assembling and annotating whole genomes sequenced using NGS. Under this project infrastructure has been build for whole genome assembling and annotation. In addition few genomes has been assembled/annotated including Neem Genome. See Genome Annotations.)

  • Computational Resources for Drug Discovery

    This project is part of mega project "Open Source Drug Discovery" lead by Prof Brahmachari under 11th fiver year plan of CSIR (2007-12). The main emphasis of this project is to provide affordable healthcare to the developing world by providing a global platform, particular focus of this project is to discove novel therapies for neglected tropical diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria, Leishmaniasis etc (see OSDD). Under OSDD, Raghava's group is developing in silico platform for drug discovery basically compilation of of existing resources and development of new resources for computer-aided drug discovery (See CRDD.

  • An analysis of protein structure to elicit the principles for knowledge based protein modeling (PI: G P S Raghava):

    This was an internal project of IMTECH which was completed in June 2001 (June 94 - 2001). The objective of this project was to examine the proteins whose sequence and tertiary structure is known at high resolution. Knowledge obtained from general analysis of protein structure and from comparison of sequence and three-dimensional (3-D) structure would be utilized for modeling a suitable protein of known sequence but unknown structure. Under this project we developed number of computer programs and web servers based on reasearch carried out during this project.

  • Setting up of Mirror site on Electronic Database of Biological Software in Public domain (PI: G. P.S. Raghava):

    This project was funded by Bioinformatics Divison, DBT, Govt.of India under "JAI VIGYAN NATIONAL SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY Mission". We mirrored number of web sites that consists public domain biological software, to our site. There are two major sites except our site that have large collection of software. First is at European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) is collecting, maintaining the molecular biology software. This site had more than 300 program ( We mirror their ftp site to our local ftp site ( Another site that consists biological software is at Indiana University. They are maintaining software in field of biology since 1989. We are also maintaining mirror of this site to our site, now user can access or download software from our ftp site ( Beside maintain mirror of sites consisting biological software we also have mirror of site.

  • Genetic Manipulation of a Antibiotics Biosynthetic Pathways using the Bacteriophase PIS 136 and Understanding the Machemism of Gene Inversion in the PHASE PIS 136

    (Co-PI: G P S Raghava; from June-2000 to May 2003): The aim of this project is modulation of the rifamycin biosynthetic pathway using the phase PIS136 in order to produce new rifamycin analogs.

  • NMITLI Project on Bioinformatics: Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure (PI: G. P.S Raghava)

    Under this project we are providing input for developing Bioinformatics Software. TCS is developing the software packages based on inputs from various inputs. This is a two year project (July 2002 to June 2003).

  • Drug Target Development using In-silico Biology.

    This is a mega project of CSIR under 10th five year plan (2002-7). This project is coordinated by CSIR-IGIB (Nodal officer Prof. Brahamachari); CSIR-IMTECH is participating lab in this project (PI G P S Raghava). Under this project we are developing computational techniques for rational drug design. This project has been successfully completed with more than 100 papers in reputed journals.

    Predictive Medicine using repeat and SNP (CSIR Network projects) (Co-PI: G P S Ragahva; Co-ordinator: Amit Ghosh)

  • Under this project we are developing tools for predictive medicine.

  • Inventory of microbial resources of India (Co-PI: G P S Raghava)

    Under this project collection and compliation of microbial resources is going on.

  • Bioinformatics Approach for Identification of Vaccine Candidate based on T-cell Epitope Prediction (PI: G P S Raghava):

    The aim of this project is to analysis the MHC binding peptides, T cell epitopes and sequence/structure proteins,in order to derive the rules for predicting the vaccine candidates (antigenic region).