A server for predicting and designing
interferon-gamma inducing epitopes


This page provides datsets used in this study. We extracted 10433 experimentally validated MHC class II binders or T-helper epitopes from Immune Epitope Database (IEDB). Out of these 10433 MHC class II binders, 3705 induced IFN-gamma, whereas remaining 6728 unique peptides have not induced IFN-gamma. Thus, our dataset contains 3705 positive examples or IFN-gamma inducing peptides and 6728 negative examples or IFN-gammanon-inducing peptides. Dataset will be available soon from this page.

Sr. No. Data Type No. of Peptideslink
1IFN-Gamma Inducing peptides3705Download
2Non IFN-Gamma Inducing peptides6728Download