Strain Card

The is the strain card and all its information available in our database. Thhe information includes the result of experiemtnal epitope mapping and prediction from various algorithms. Experimental epitopes were mapped from IEDB repository were B cell, T cell and MHC binders. The prediction tools including B cell epitope (LBtope), MHC class I binding alleles (Propred1), MHC class II binding alleles (Propred), CTL epitope (CTLpred), HLA alleles (nHLApred), interferon-gamma inducing potential (IFNepitope), Interleukin-4 inducing capacity (IL4pred).
DescriptionThe strain has been sequenced to study polymorphism and the unique regions in specific genes. The strain belongs to South India
CategoryTuberculoid Mycobacteria
Genome visualizationUsing Jbrowse, CGview, Argo applet
Number of proteins3622
B cell epitopes (IEDB)73
T cell epitopes (IEDB)183
MHC binder (IEDB)269
No. of Vaccine Target102
B cell prediction (LBtope)2645
Prediction of MHC class II binders (Propred)5014
MHC class I prediction (Propred1)22743
CTL epitope prediction (CTLpred)5389
Prediction of Interferon-gamma inducing peptides (IFNepitope)13594
Prediction of IL4 inducing peptides (IL4pred)21444