What is VIRmiRNA?

VIRmiRNA is a resource for experimentally validated viral miRNA and their targets.Also it provides information of antiviral miRNAs.

What is the use of this database?

This viral miRNA resource will be useful for understanding host-viral interactions and development of antiviral therapeutics.

How many sub-databases are there in VIRmiRNA ?

There are three sub-databases-

(i) VIRmiRNA- It shows the virus encoded miRNAs.

(ii) VIRmiRtar- It shows the viral miRNAs with their target protein.

(iii) AVIRmir- It contains the antiviral miRNA entries with its target.

What are the fields of VIRmiRNA?

These are as follows-

(i) miRNA name, (ii) Virus name, (iii) miRNA sequence, pre-miRNA sequence (iv) Target gene, (v) Cell line, (vi) Experimental method, (vii) Length, (viii) GC content, (ix) Uniprot id, (x)Pubmed id .

What are the tools in VIRmiRNA?

There are three tools used in Align, BLAST and Map.

What does the miRNA BLAST tool do?

The BLAST tool searches the seed/miRNA in the database similar to the seed/miRNA sequence provided by the user and searches whether that miRNA sequence  have been reported in the literature or not.

What is the use of miRNA Align?

In miRNA Align, user can align the given miRNA seed with seed sequences of various viral/cellular miRNAs.

How to use search option in VIRmiRNA?

By using search option, the user can perform a quick search based on either virus,miRNA name, miRNA sequence ,target gene, pubmed id .

How to use advanced search option in VIRmiRNA?

In the ‘Advance Search’ option, the user can search the data using logical operators (AND/OR) to make more flexible queries.

How many entries are there in VIRmiRNA?

There are 1308 entries for experimental viral miRNA.

How many entries are there for viral miRNA targets?

Currently,there are 7283 viral miRNA target entries.

How many entries are there in antiviral miRNAs?

There are 542 antiviral miRNA targeting 22 viruses.

How many viruses are there in VIRmiRNA?

There are 44 viruses in this database. They are listed here.

Is this database freely available ?

Yes, this database is freely available through this url: http://crdd.osdd.net/servers/virmirna/