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                         History of Allergens/allergy


Auckland Allergy Clinic


Allergy Capitol


McKinley Health Centre

U.S. Food and Drug Administration



Importance of Food Safety

Food Safety Risk Analysis Clearinghouse

GM Food: The Risk Assessment of Immune Hypersensitivity Reactions Covers More Than Allergenicity

Managing Food Allergen Risks

Genetically Modified Foods: Are They a Risk to Human/Animal Health?

Food Allergy Task Force

Assessing the safety and nutritional quality of genetically engineered foods

Food Allergies: Managing Risks at School



Allergen Related Databases


Allergen database for food safety

The biotechnology information for food safety database

Asthma & Allergy Gene Database

Lancet Laboratories

The Allergen Database

ALLERDB is an allergen databse integrated with analytical tools

Allergy Society of South Africa

Naational Food Safety Database


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