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Home Page of ccPDB

ccPDB (Compilation and Creation of datasets from PDB) is designed to provide service to scientific community working in the field of function or structure annoation of proteins. This database of datasets is based on Protein Data Bank (PDB), where all datasets were derived from PDB. ccPDB have four modules; i) compilation of datasets, ii) creation of datasets, iii) web services and iv) Important links. Following is brief description of these modules.

ccPDB Last Updated on 31st September 2015

Reference: Singh H., Chauhan, J.S., Gromiha, M. M., Consortium, OSDD Raghava, G. P. S. (2011) ccPDB: compilation and creation of data sets from Protein Data Bank. Nucleic Acids Res. 2012 Jan;40(1):D486-9. Epub 2011 Dec 1.
  • Compilation of Datasets

    Datasets at ccPDB can be classified in two categories, i) datasets collected from literature and ii) datasets compiled from PDB. We are in process of collecting PDB datasetsfrom literature and maintaining at ccPDB. We are also requesting community to suggest datasets. In addition, we generate datasets from PDB, these datasets were generated using commonly used standard protocols like non-redundant chains, structures solved at high resolution.
  • Creation of datasets

    This module developed for creating customized datasets where user can create a dataset using his/her conditions from PDB. This module will be useful for those users who wish to create a new dataset as per ones requirement. This module have six steps, which are described in help page.
  • Web Services

    We integrated following web services in ccPDB; i) Analyze of PDB ID service allows user to submit their PDB on around 40 servers from single point, ii) BLAST search allows user to perform BLAST search of their protein against PDB, iii) Structural information service is designed for annotating a protein structure from PDB ID, iv) Search in PDB facilitate user in searching structures in PDB, v)Generate patterns service facility to generate different types of patterns required for machine learning techniques and vi) Download useful information allows user to download various types of information for a given set of proteins (PDB IDs).
  • Important Links

    One of major objectives of this web site is to provide links to web servers related to functional annotation of proteins. In first phase we have collected and compiled these links in different categories. In future attempt will be made to collect as many links as possible.