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Extract PDB chain IDs for creating different metal interacting residue dataset

This page allows users to extract PDB chain IDs of metal interacting proteins in a set of PDB chain IDs provided by users. For more information click here help

Please upload your file. Do upload more than 1 PDB chain ids.

Upload a PDB chain ID list file:     Example file: pdbid_list

Please enter the symbol of the Metal. e.g. MG, CA etc. or Browse Metal by symbol
Please select the metal interacting amino acid. Default if all amino acid.
Please select the nearest distance (A) between atoms of the metal and the residue. .  TO 
Please select the contact surface area between the metal and the residue.  TO 
Please select the type of bond betweenn the metal and the interacting residue. ALL   HB  Arom  Phob  DC 

To select and search more than one metal use Advance Search