GenotrickA pipeline for whole genome assembly and annotation of Genomes



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About Genotrick

Genotrick is an All-In-One pipeline for whole genome assembly and annotation of Prokaryotic genomes. This is an automated pipeline developed to perform several functions i.e. 1) Filter the genome sequencing data, 2) Assemble the genome sequencing data and 3) Annotation of whole genomes.

This pipeline is developed in Perl, and stanalone form is also available (Download). In Genotrick, NGSQC toolkit have been integrated to filter NGS raw data. For genome assembly, Velvet software have been integrated in this pipeline. PROKKA (Prokka: Prokaryotic Genome Annotation System) pipeline is integrated in Genotrick, for annotation of assembled genome.

At this web page, user can provide the short reads and perform, sequencing data filtering, assembly of reads into genomic fragments (i.e. Contigs) and annotate the contigs. It produces GFF3, GBK and SQN files, of annotated genome, that are ready for submition to Genbank/DDJB/ENA.

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