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Sequencing data filtering

This module of Genotrick pipeline is designed to filter the raw sequencing data geneared by sequencers. Here, user can filter raw data of Illumina reads. For more information, please click HERE

To demostrate the server, please use the example input files.

Illumina data submission
Paired end short sequencing reads (i.e. Illumina reads) can be uploaded here. Please upload both files having forward and reverse reads, for detail (e.g. format) see example files in right column.
Upload file containing forward reads (Mate-1) :
Upload file containing reverse reads (Mate-2) :
Note:Please use paired-end reads or single-end reads at a time.
Upload file containing single end reads:           

Cut-off read length for High quality (%) e.g. 70
Cut-off Quality score (Interger)              e.g. 20

Primer/Adaptor libraries type         
FASTQ variants                             

Email Address:

      Example input files
Following are example files of input raw short reads (i.e. paired end fastq reads)
Forward reads (Mate-1)
Reverse reads (Mate-2)
Example output Files
Following are the example output files, generated after running this server at default parameters (i.e. Cut-off read length for High quality was 70 and Cut-off Quality score was 20).
Filtered forward reads (Mate-1)
Filtered reverse reads (Mate-2)
Filtered unpaired reads
Report of data Filtering
HTML Report of data Filtering

Note: Large amount of data processsing may be difficult at this server. User are advised to use standalone version for large data.