HLP: A webserver for predicting half-life of peptides in intestine like environment
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Predict peptide half-life and antibacterial activity in batch mode.
Simultaneously, a number of peptides can be submitted to predict their half-life and antibacterial activity.

Submission Form for Scanning Stable Peptide(s) in a Protein

This form allows user to submit amino acid sequence of a protein. It allows users to select 10mer, 16mer or peptide of any length between 5 to 30 residues depends on model selected by user. Users are requested to submit only one protein sequence at a time. Server will generate overlapping peptides in query protein of desired length then it compute half-life of these overlapping peptides.

             Paste protein sequence:           

      Choose model: (See help for model selection)
 SVM based:
   10mer (Uses dipeptide composition)
   16mer (Uses amino acid composition)
   User-selected sequence length   
WEKA based:
   10mer (IBK, selected 8 dipeptides)
   16mer (Decision table, selected 3 dipeptides)
   User-selected sequence length     

      Select Peptide Length [for user-selected option]:

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