Download PEP2D Dataset

The main dataset of PEP2D consist of 3107 unique peptides. Following protocol was used to create PEP2D dataset. A total of 5778 PDB chains of peptides (both from X-ray and NMR solved structures) were extracted from PDB with sequence length between 5 and 10. After removing chains, which were having more than 10% unknown amino acid (X) composition, 3107 unique peptides were left. This dataset consists of 3107 peptides and was termed as PEP2D dataset. Download

Download PEP2DNR Dataset

Using PEP2D dataset, we have created an 80% non-redundant dataset using CD-HIT. This dataset is named as PEP2DNR, which contains a total of 1980 peptides. Download

Download PEP2D Standalone

PEP2D manuscript is under communication. PEP2D Standalone will be provided after publication.