Computational Resources for Drug Discovery

OSDD Forum is an initiative with a vision to provide affordable healthcare to the developing world. The OSDD concept aims to synergize the power of genomics, computational technologies and facilitate the participation of young and brilliant talent from Universities and industry. It seeks to provide a global platform where the best brains can collaborate and collectively endeavor to solve the complex problems associated with discovering novel therapies for neglected diseases like Tuberculosis.

CRDD (Computational Resources for Drug Discovery) is an important module of the in silico module of OSDD. The CRDD web portal provides computer resources related to drug discovery on a single platform. Following are major features of CRDD:

  • CRDD provides computational resources for researchers in the field of computer-aided drug design.
  • CRDD allows users to discuss their problem with other members.
  • CRDD gives equal opportunity to those willing to solve these problems.
  • CRDD Wiki maintain wikipedia related to drug discovery.
  • Contributors may host their database or web server on CRDD portal.

Thus, CRDD provides a platform for researchers having limited resources.