Potential Drug Targets

There are certain class of proteins which are commonly used as drug targets like G-protein coupled receptors, nuclear receptors, kinases. Information about tools useful for predicting this important class of proteins is listed below:

Servers integrated at CRDD

Server Description
GPCRpredThis is a server for predicting G-protein-coupled receptors and for classifying them in families and sub-families. This server can play vital role in drug design, as GPCR are commonly used as drug targets (Bhasin, M. and Raghava, G. P. S., (2004) Nucleic Acid Res. 32(Web Server issue):W383-9).
GPCRSclassThis is a dipeptide composition based method for predicting Amine Type of G-protein-coupled receptors. In this method type amine is predicted from dipeptide composition of proteins using SVM. (Bhasin M, Raghava GP. (2005) 33(Web Server issue):W143-7) (Raghava 1999; J. Biosciences 24:176)
NRpredhis is a SVM based tool for the classification of nuclear receptors on the basis of amino acid composition or dipeptide composition. The overall prediction accuracy of amino acid composition and dipeptide composition based methods is 82.6% and 97.2% (Bhasin, M. and Raghava, G. P. S., (2004) Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(22):23262-6 ).
BtxpredThe aim of BTXpred server is to predict bacterial toxins and its function from primary amino acid sequence.
MitPredThis server predicts mitochondril proteins..Benchmarking of Beta Turn prediction methods on-line via Internet (Kaur and Raghava 2002; Bioinformatics 18:1508-14).
SRTPredThis server classifies protein sequence as secretory or non-secretory proteins.
VGIchanThis server is used to predict voltage gated ion-channels and classify them into sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride ion channels from primary amino sequences.
NTXpredThe aim of this server is to predict neurotoxins and it source and probable functions from primary amino acid sequences.
VICMpred This server aids in broad functional classification of bacterial proteins into virulence factors, information molecule, cellular process and metabolism molecule.