Pharmacophore, represents the spatial arrangement of features that is essential for a molecule to interact with a specific target receptor, is an alternative method despite molecular docking for achieving this goal.

Different types of pharmacoiphore searching softwares:

Software Description
PharmerIt is efficient pharmacophore tool for virtual screening and it takes only one pdb file at a time.
Pharmapper It contains a database repository of about 7000 targets based pharmacophore models. Based on triangle hashing based method, it finds the best matching poses of input ligand against all known pharmacophore based models.
PharmaGist PharmaGist used for searching pharmacophore from a set of ligand molecules. It requires the set of ligands known to interact with a particular target without any prior knowledge of target structure.
Boomer It is freely available pharmacokinetic drug monitering.
ZincPharmaIt is used for screening of zinc database.
PKfitPKfit is a tool for pharmacokinetic modeling.
JPKDIt is a therapeutic drug monitoring tool.