Publishing Documents at CRDD Portal

Published Documents:

CRDD Portal publishes the following types of research information related to drug discovery.

  1. Stories of the unsuccessful attempts at drug discovery
  2. Research articles after public (CRDD users) review
  3. Unpublished and results from failed experiments
  4. Unpublished thesis (at present limited to India)
  5. Post -marketing surveys for drug use

  6. General Guidelines for Publication:

    If you want to publish any research information related to drug discovery that fall under any of the above categories, we request you to please provide the following information:.

    Research information Catagory                                                
    PDF Document size  

    Then, please upload your PDF document and submit it.

    Browse and upload PDF file from disk:   

    Declaration: Information provided by me is true to the best of my knowledge and has not published anywhere previously. I will be solely responsible for its content. CRDD will have full permission to provide this content on the CRDD Portal for display and downloads. I own the copyright to submit this document.

       I Disagree

       I agree

    Only if you agree to above terms and conditions will the document be submitted. After submission of document a temporary ID will be assigned to it so that you may track its review process.

    Review process:

    i)  Initial/preliminary screening of the information for its authenticity will be done by CRDD team.

    ii)  Thereafter, the material submitted will be reviewed by CRDD Experts or rated by the CRDD users by specified timeframe (~Two months).

    iii)  If the contribution is approved, a unique accession number will be provided which can be used for citations. The approved contribution would be posted on the CRDD portal.