Drug discovery is a long and tedious process involving huge amount of scientific labour and money.

The first step to finding a solution lies in asking the right question. This is perhaps the single most important thing one can start with.

Once the question has been posed, there is a clear need for open discussion. There is also the need for awareness of the requirements for complex knowledge management and knowledge transfer between academic, government and research communities.

This is where CRDD comes in.

CRDD welcomes inputs from experimentalists working on drug discovery. It requests experimentalists to come forward and share their experiences and to discuss the hassles they may have faced. Problems related to descriptor calculation, stories of drug failures etc. are all welcome. These stories will be freely accessible to all. These will allow other researchers to understand the structure of the problem.

The dream is that these stories may prove to be intellectual challenges that catalyze ideas and spark solutions and finally lead to the creation of a really useful or innovative application.

Please post your questions to CRDD forum in order to discuss it in the public domain. All problems approved by CRDD committee and discussed on CRDD forum, will be listed on this page. Please contribute to our documentation section too. http://crdd.imtech.res.in/virtual.php