AHTpin: Designing of Antihypetensive peptides


Antihypertensive Peptide Inhibitors

Updated version at IIIT Delhi

*** Reference: Kumar et. al. (2015) An in silico platform for predicting, screening and designing of antihypertensive peptides. Sci. Rep. 5, 12512.

Updated version at IIIT Delhi

Contact AHTpin

This prediction server is developed at Dr. Raghava's Group, Bioinformatics Centre, Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, India.


Dr. Gajendra P. S. Raghava
Scientist & Head Bioinformatics Centre
Institute of Microbial Technology
Sector-39 A, Chandigarh, India
Email: raghava@iiitd.ac.in , raghavagps@gmail.com