AHTpin: Designing of Antihypetensive peptides


Antihypertensive Peptide Inhibitors

Updated version at IIIT Delhi

*** Reference: Kumar et. al. (2015) An in silico platform for predicting, screening and designing of antihypertensive peptides. Sci. Rep. 5, 12512.

Updated version at IIIT Delhi

Large (>12) Peptide Designing Page

This module of AHTpin allows user to design antihypertensive peptides of length above 12 residues residues. This module generates all possible mutations in a query peptide submitted by the user. All possible mutants are generated (through amino acid substitution at single position at a time) to get the optimized antihypertensive tetrapeptide. It predicts whether peptide or its mutants are having antihypertensive property or not. User can select the physicochemical properties (viz. hydrophobicity, charge, hydrophilicity etc.) to be displayed as an additional information. For more information, please visit HELP page.

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