AHTpin: Designing of Antihypetensive peptides


Antihypertensive Peptide Inhibitors

Updated version at IIIT Delhi

*** Reference: Kumar et. al. (2015) An in silico platform for predicting, screening and designing of antihypertensive peptides. Sci. Rep. 5, 12512.

Updated version at IIIT Delhi

Antihypertensive Activity of Dipeptides

Antihypertensive Activity of Peptides

This page provides antihypertensive activity of all possible dipeptides (20 × 20 = 400). Experimentally validated dipeptides' antihypertensive activity (pIC50) is shown by black color. For rest of the dipeptides, we computed antihypertensive activity (pIC50) using one of the features given below (amino acid composition, atomic composition, Descriptors) and is presented by blue color. User may select desired model for prediction.
Amino Acid Composition :           Atomic Composition :        Descriptor :