Domain-domain interaction prediction server
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    Domprint is a domain-domain interaction (DDI) prediction server. It runs on a support vector machine (SVM) model which has been trained on known domain-domain interaction data (positive dataset) from 3did database. All the DDI in 3did are curated from crystal structures available in Protein Data Bank (PDB). We used a highly curated negative dataset for model training.

    What Domprint can do?

    1. Submit domain pair(s) This module will predict whether two domain interacts with each other or not, given a particular threshold.

    2. Submit protein pair   User can submit two protein sequences, and we will predict probable interacting domain pair(s) between them.

    3. Submit single domain  Identify probable interacting partners for your domain in whole protein family.

    4. Submit single protein sequence  This module first maps the Pfam domain(s) on the submitted protein sequence, and then identify probable interacting partners for the domain(s) in whole protein family.

    Note: The domain definition is adopted from Pfam throughout this study.