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  1. Question: What is MycoTB?
    Answer:It is a standalone software developed for windows users.
  2. Question:Can I run MycoTB on my personal computer?
    Answer:Yes you can run on your personal computer.
  3. Question:Can I maintain my private annotation data/tables on my PC?
    Answer: Yes, user can maintain their private data?
  4. Question:How can I share my data/tables with other users?
    Answer:Go to Admintools -> Database Mangement -> Export Tables . Then send the exported table to MycoTB web site.
  5. Question: Can I load selected tables only?
    Answer: Yes, you can select tables to be loaded on your systems.
  6. Question: Does it allow users to create their own tables?
    Answer: Yes, I allows you to create or modify any table on your system
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