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                MycoTB: A Software for managing Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Problem : Functional annotation of a proteome is one of the major challenges in the postgenomic era. Despite world wide effort on M.Tuberculosis, annotation of its proteome is still incomplete. One of the problem in annotation of proteome is managing data generated during annotation. There is a gap between existing data base management system (DBMS) and requirement of an annotator. Almost all DBMS are designed for handle well defined problems. In simple words one need to define how many data tables, relation in tables, fields in each record, type and size of fields etc. In simple word these DBMS are rigid in nature and best suited for routine problems. In biology particularly in proteome annotation problems and types of data is not well defined. Annotation is a dynamic process not static, type of functions we are looking today may change tomorrow. In simple words annotation is based on research, where boundries can not be defined. Thus there is a need to fill this gap ....

Flexible System for Data Management : Most of the persons involved in proteome annotation are are research scientist. Most of these scientist have moderate knowledge of computers or DBMS. They need a system/software/website which allow them to manage their data without doing any computer programming. Thus their is a need to develop flexible system where one can add/delete/modify any table or field using user-friendly interfaces.

SysBorg: In 2005, first time attempt was made to design a flexible system for managing M.Tb data in order to improve the process of searching M.Tb drug targets in silico. The architechture of this flexible system was designed by team working on project "Development of Drug Targets using In Silico Biology" (A mega project of CSIR, leads by Prof S. K. Brahmachari). Under this programme team collect more than 100 tables where each table describes a function of M.Tb. ORFs. This system provides flexible system for annotating proteome and for searching potential drug targets. In order to make SysBorg more useful, A R-language based system called SysBorgTb (http://sysborgtb.osdd.net/)was designed which is available from OSDD site.

MycoTB: In order to assist scientific community, we extended flexible system concept for building standalone software MycoTB for Windows Users. Under OSDD programme, which is extension of project "Development of Drug Targets using In Silico Biology", a small programme was initiated under guidance of Dr. G P S Raghava called CRDD for developing computational resources for drug discovery. MycoTB is one of the computer program developed under OSDD/CRDD programme. This software allow user to built their own flexible system on their personal computers to mange and annotate proteome of MycoTB.