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                MycoTB Installation Instructions

Folowing are minimum requirement
  1. Computer with reasonable RAM (> 500 MB), CPU power
  2. Operating system Windows XP with Service Pack 2.0 or Windows Vista.
  3. Hard disk: Minimum 500 MB free space.
  4. Latest MySQL on system
MySQL: In order to run/install MycoTB on your system, you need to have MySQL on your system. In case your computer do not have running MySQL then download, install and run MySQL on your computer before installing MycoTB. Please have a look on on following sites for installing MySQL on your server

  1. User can download MycoTB software from its website (http://webs.iiitd.edu.in/raghava/mycotb/)
  2. Unzip file mycotb.zip on your system which will create a folder mycotb
  3. click on file setup.exe in folder mycotb
  4. Setup program will start, just follow instuctions
  5. Setup program will create a shortcut on your desktop

Run MycoTB
Once MycoTB is installed successfully on your computer; you may run it by clicking on MycoTB short cut. Please make sure thet MySQL is running before starting MycoTB on your system

Important files

install.pdf for detail install instructions (screen shorts for installing MycoTB)

Important to Note: Please do not install both MySQL or WAMP server on your computre if your computer already have mysql. In case MySQL or WAMP is not available on your system then install either MySQL or WAMP server. WAMP is a package which integrate number of other package including MySQL. For MycoTB minimum requirement is MySQL which can be install from any of two packages (MySQL or WAMP).

Deafault Username and Passwords
MycoTB allows to control access service at vaious level. We have defined users in three categories; i) admin catagory users have full administrative power to control MycoTB, ii) operator category users have permission to insert/edit/modify data and iii) user category have permission to use advance search facility.In order to provide access to MycoTB, we have created username in each category. Please change default username and passoword as soon as possible in order to avoid missuse/unauthorize access. Following are default username and passwords.

  1. Category: Admin
    Username: admin
    Password: a4321

  2. Category: Operator
    Username: entry
    Password: e4321

  3. Category: User
    Username: mycotb
    Password: m4321